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Sunrooms can be excellent additions to homes in any home! By having a sunroom installed, you can increase the living space of your home and gain a tranquil enclosure that’s perfect for all types of activities, including reading, relaxing, working out, or just simply working, and hosting get-togethers. Elite Exteriors is known for their top of the line quality products and lifetime warranty. Since 2006, we have been installing these enclosures for homeowners throughout the bay area and neighboring cities of sacramento, so rest assured that you are in great hands, and all will go well when going with Elite Exteriors.

One of the main reasons many homeowners in the Sacramento areas and Bay area turn to us for sunrooms is the quality of our products and the team we have to offer. Our installers strive for perfection and install with great care creating a long lasting addition. Every sunroom we sell and install are both durable and easy to maintain. With thermal walls and roofs that deflect the sun’s heat, energy-efficient windows and doors, and durable surfacing that resists damage, our sunrooms will be comfortable throughout the seasons and remain in like-new condition for decades.

Cool When It’s Hot.. And Warm When It’s Not!

Four Seasons Building Product

  • Nothing transforms a home like a sunroom. Space is added. Sunlight and nature are brought in, but even more so, family fun just seems to follow.
  • Your sunroom becomes a bright, friendly place for gatherings, game nights, parties, quiet chats or time alone.
  • Designed for year-round living, our solarium, patio enclosure and sunroom designs can be customized to fit your lifestyle and will enhance the beauty and value of your home.
  • Traditional and contemporary sunrooms and conservatories will add light, elegance and a spacious look that will blend perfectly with any style home.
  • Four Seasons Sunroom knee wall panel skins are made with the latest technology “A Proprietary Acrylic/PVC Alloy Sheet” designed as a U.V. resistant, durable, protective wall covering for enclosures.
  • Four Seasons Sunroom panel skins offer a class 1-a building code rating, excellent impact strength, abrasion and stain resistance.

Cathedral Sunroom

Dramatic use of light and space drive our cathedral sunroom designs, adding a new dimension to your home and lifestyle. Enjoy a breathtaking living area — with the same energy efficient features as all of our glass sunroom additions. The vaulted ceiling and CONSERVAGLASS SELECT™ walls combine to offer style and comfort in equal measure. A Four Seasons Sunrooms cathedral glass house features a front peaked wall that welcomes light and extends your outdoor views, while creating an airy, spacious feel within. You’ll enjoy year-round comfort and superior energy efficiency in a sunroom that’s built to last — while adding significant investment value to your home. We also offer a cathedral roof sunroom with an aluminum frame which features a graceful design that watches the bottom line — no wonder this model has been a Four Seasons Sunrooms favorite for almost three decades! With curved glass sunrooms or patio rooms you can enjoy natural light, top-notch energy efficiency, superior security, and a look that blends beautifully with your home’s existing lines.

Some other choices vary from solid roofs, or glass roofs. Where does lofty, comfortable, extra space meet sensible spending? In the stunning solid-roof cathedral sunroom! With its wrap-around windows, high peaked face, and soaring vaulted ceilings, the delightful sunroom is sure to become the most-used space in your home. Looking for something more with a sky view while indoors? There’s the light-drenched alternative to ordinary living — at a price that works within your budget. The vaulted glass ceiling and walls of these lovely sunrooms and patio rooms create an extraordinary feeling of cozy openness. Dramatic architecture meets common-sense energy efficiency in a sunroom you’ll love for decades.

Straight Eve Sunroom

A glass sunroom or patio enclosure brings the outdoors in, all year long simplicity and subtlety make the straight lines of our classic glass sunroom a seamless addition to your home. Our patio enclosure models include traditional and contemporary designs, with finished aluminum exteriors and interiors, and even natural wood interior beams in some styles. Choose a Sun and Shade glass sunroom (with an insulated, solid roof) or a Sun and Stars glass sunroom (with a CONSERVAGLASS SELECT roof) – both provide year-round comfort and energy efficiency. Whether you desire a compact balcony to a rambling great room, a Four Seasons straight eave glass sunroom addition and patio enclosure will add beauty, light, and elegance to your home.

We also feature a curved eve sunroom, a refined sun room patio enclosure with an elegant curved eave. The graceful lines and elegant symmetry of our curved eave solarium designs complement your home’s existing roofline for a polished, finished look. Choose this beautiful sunroom patio enclosure and you’ll own the solarium that made Four Seasons famous. Select a solarium with a slim, contemporary aluminum profile, or one with the warm natural feel of Northern White Pine beams. All-year comfort is standard with every sunroom patio enclosure! The exclusive, patented, multi-coated CONSERVAGLASS SELECT™ windows ensure longevity, safety and an energy efficiency you won’t find anywhere else. Whether it’s an urban loft oasis or a rustic country retreat, a Four Seasons curved eave solarium will blend beautifully with your home.

Solarium Sunroom

If you’re looking for the ultimate in sunlight reception, a solarium sunroom is the ideal solution for you. Our straight eve solariums feature all-glass roofs that open up to the heavens for your personal enjoyment. Whether you want to add a living space that will be perfect for reading, entertaining guests, or working from home, a solarium sunroom is just what you need.

We make sure that our solariums are the best of the best, and to ensure that, here are few of the features of our sunrooms that help them stand out:

  • Thermal roofs – Enjoy the ultimate in sunlight reception while also ensuring all that extra ultraviolet light doesn’t filter in, keeping you and your family protected.
  • Integrated gutter systems – This gutter system has a 3/12 roof pitch for proper water flow, which means the back wall height must be tall enough to accommodate it.
  • Prime Window system – With standard-sized, energy-efficient windows, you can enjoy expansive views and plenty of sunlight.
  • Extruded aluminum – Extruded aluminum is the premium material for sunrooms, featuring enhanced strength and resistance to insect infestation.

Sunroom Additions Add Space And Natural Light

Fill your home with natural light, and add the space you’ve always wanted – with one easy sunroom addition. Four Seasons Sunroom, patio rooms and conservatories will bring your home to life!

Sunroom Additions Bring The Outdoors….IndoorsTM

Enjoy the beauty, serenity, and energy of nature, all year-round, in a sunroom addition from Four Seasons. Reap the benefits of an outdoor living area, 365 days a year, without inclement weather, pests, or other intrusions.

Improve Quality of Life Everyday With Spacious Sunroom Additions

Sunroom additions create a space where your family will gather – not just for special occasions, but every day! The unique presence of a Four Seasons Sunroom brings loved ones together, from morning coffee to star-gazing.

Enjoy The Sun And Stars, Day And Night All Year Round

Four Seasons Sunroom patented glass technology helps keeps you comfortable, even on the hottest summer day or chilliest winter night. It’s an extraordinary alternative to an ordinary room addition!

Four Seasons Sunroom Add An Elegant Finishing Touch

Four Seasons Sunroom brings drama and sophistication into your home – and your lifestyle. Adding a sunroom addition opens the flow of your floor plan, and lends easy elegance to your entertaining style.

Benefit From Easy Construction With Four Seasons Sunroom

Enjoy clean, efficient construction with Four Seasons Sunrooms. Unlike traditional “brick and mortar” additions, a sunroom addition can be built quicker and with less disruption to your life and home.

It’s The Room For Every Reason

Whether you’re craving a cozy family room, private spa, gourmet kitchen, dining room, pool enclosure, attic expansion, bird observatory – even a sophisticated master suite – a sunroom addition will make your family’s dreams come true.

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