Clean Lines and Wide Spans

Louvretec 200 Super Roof


Designed as our flagship Louvretec Opening Roofs system the newly designed Louvretec 200 Super Roof more than lives up to its name.

First and foremost are its super spanning capabilities. Overall blade spans are determined by wind zones – typically spans are shorter in highly exposed coastal areas when compared with more densely populated urban spaces.

With spanning capabilities of over 4500mm in lower wind zone regions, the Louvretec 200 Super Roof provides approximately an extra meter of span over product currently available.

Apart from offering a wider protected deck space to enjoy, in many instances, the extra span eliminates the need for double roofs with mid-beams as is currently required to achieve the same covered area.

To compliment the Louvretec 200 Super Roof we have also upgraded our award-winning Spiral Pivot operating mechanism. Using our new ‘Down-under’ gearbox now not only is the pivot operating mechanism hidden from sight so too is the tubular motor and gearbox.

Spiral pivot enables full 180º blade rotation, you literally control the amount of sun or shade at all times. Pivoting off die-cast colour matched end caps, each blade closes on to a hidden wool pile closing strip which eliminates any metal to metal blade contact.

Combined with the super spanning capabilities of the blade, the flush, uncluttered lines of the pivot system greatly enhances the overall appearance and aesthetics of the design.

A bigger roof may require a bigger gutter, Louvretec 200 Super Roof are now available with a new 185mm extra-wide custom-designed gutter system.

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